Event History


The Kavanagh Day is an annual event which was inaugurated in 2004, as part of the Patrick Kavanagh Centenary Celebrations. The objective is to expand Kavanagh’s reputation, both nationally and internationally through a public celebration of his work at a waterside location.

In recent years Galway has consistently honoured Patrick Kavanagh in mid-July and the Galway Kavanagh Day festival has gone from strength-to-strength since its establishment in 2008. It acknowledges the special place Kavanagh holds in the hearts of Irish people.

The festival is a mixed-media event and is an open platform for artists, Kavanagh enthusiasts and members of the public to give voice to his words. The structure has expanded in recent years to incorporate readings, music recitals, theatre re-enactments, multi-media presentations, short-film and storytelling in order to enhance the overall experience. The participatory aspect of the Kavanagh Day makes it unique in terms of audience engagement.

For more information on previous events  see http://www.gerconsidine.com/events.html


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